Welcome to The Treehouse Club

Welcome to the multi award winning Treehouse Forestry Pre-School and Out of School Club, the greenest eco-friendly child care provision in Billericay. Being situated in the natural beauty of Norsey Woods, we have a 165 acres of protected historic woodland for our children to explore and learn.

Open from 7am until 7pm, the Treehouse Club offers a range of child care services including:

  • Before School Club
  • After School Club
  • Before & After School Clubs
  • Holiday Club

Your child will have a very special place with us where they will feel supported emotionally and encouraged to develop every day through different activities. Every child is an individual and has a brilliant uniqueness that we are always privileged to meet, work with and watch grow into a young adult.

We work closely with parents and strive to create an environment that stimulates and prepares them for life. An environment that is full of happiness, sensitivity and love that allows each child to grow into a trusting and confident individual who cares about others and the world in which we live.

Our whole setting is dedicated to the before and after school club so the children have space and support for their homework, structured play and interactive learning with others.

The initial school years of a child’s life will have a great influence over their mind and personality. They have a desire to understand the world, to learn about their environment and to grow. Children achieve their highest potential when involved in interesting activities.

  • Experience Billericay’s beautiful woodlands
  • Go pond dipping in the garden pond
  • Have picnics and reading time in our garden
  • Uncover wildlife in our regular ‘Bug Hunt’ challenges
  • Explore their senses through nature
  • Play team sports games
  • Create arts & crafts

We are a family run business offering you and your children a warm, caring environment where they can feel at home, enabling them to learn and grow in a relaxed setting. We celebrate every special event including birthdays and all holidays. We offer healthy cooked meals that cover all of the children’s ‘5-a-day’.

The Treehouse Club is conveniently placed just 1.5 miles from Billericay Train Station, 4.2 miles from the A12 and 5 miles from the A127, ideally placing us in the centre of the main transport links for all of our parents.