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Welcome to The Treehouse Club

The Green Awards Finalists Welcome to the multi award winning Treehouse Forestry Pre-School and Out of School Club, the first full time forestry preschool in Essex and the greenest eco-friendly child care provision in Billericay. Being situated in the natural beauty of Norsey Woods, we have a 165 acres of protected historic woodland for our children to explore and learn.

Youtube:Treehouse Club We focus on the EYFS indoors and Outdoors, working with Forest school and beach school. By working in this way our children are achieving above the national average across the seven areas of learning, comparing our children to the statistics applied to school reception aged children. We believe that this is because the children respond to an environment that is full of happiness, sensitivity, nature and magic that allows each child to grow into a trusting and confident individual who cares about others and the world in which we live.

Youtube:Norsey Woods We have a very special, fantastic team of staff with vast experience working within EYFS, Forest schools and beach school. Our staff are multi award winning and hand-picked to bring something wonderful to our setting, making it a fantastic place to be for all of our children and staff.

Each and every child is an individual and we care for them as if they were our own. We work closely with our parents and are supported by our ‘Friends of the Treehouse’. We will always go above and beyond to make sure that the whole family feels comfortable with us and that our children go home happy every day.

Youtube:Treehouse Club

The initial school years of a child’s life will have a great influence over their mind and personality. They have a desire to understand the world, to learn about their environment and to grow. Children achieve their highest potential when involved in interesting activities. This can be hard in a conventional setting, only going out of a building for a short period of time, however our woods provide a blank canvas for them to develop, as you can see.

Parents join the Treehouse Club because we are like a family. We celebrate every special event including birthdays and all holidays.

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