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What is forestry education

What is Forestry & Nature School?

If you believe in your child’s learning and development being tied into natural recreation, then you are in the right place.

The concept of Forest schooling originates from Scandinavia and involves learning in an outdoor environment with a play-based approach.

Forestry education has a rich history in the UK and a proven record of effectiveness; promoting physical activity, encouraging an overall healthier lifestyle and stimulating cognitive growth.  At Treehouse Club, we encourage hands-on experiences for the children that a traditional classroom based setting inhibits.

In addition to EYFS curriculum, we offer a range of diverse nature experiences for different age groups meeting the individual needs of every child. Our qualified forestry practitioners carefully observe interactions and interests of the children in their group, tailoring sessions appropriately to offer a more interactive way of learning which helps to build children’s self-belief.

The outdoors are an engaging setting for children to learn how to solve problems and be creative and imaginative both individually and as a group.  The benefits of a Forest School are extensive: learning through healthy and active exploration, fostering self-esteem, building confidence, managing risks, stimulating cognitive growth with all five senses, enhancing mindfulness, developing physical literacy, and most importantly, utilising nature’s classroom.

Treehouse children are given space to take part in a ‘wild’ yet entirely safe environment.

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