“Our son aged 4½ loves the Treehouse Club so much that when we go and collect him earlier than usual, he gets a little bit upset that he hasn’t had enough time to play and asks for another 5 mins several times …. We’ve been very impressed with all the activities such as pond dipping and other outdoor events ( they are not stuck in front of a TV or Wii games like some after school clubs). Our son joins in with all the other children and although he doesn’t have any homework he sits down at the same time with them and enjoys some reading and practises writing. He is also trying new foods and receives encouragement from the other children when doing so. The club has a lovely atmosphere, the children are always happy when we arrive and we’re really happy to have such caring people as Ashley and her team.”

"I cannot speak highly enough of Ashley and the service provided by The Treehouse Club. Both of my children LOVE going to The Treehouse Club – my younger child for before school care and both of my children for care during school breaks. Ashley and her staff are everything I would want in a child care provider. From my adult perspective: Ashley is always super organized, always smiling, and very easy to work with. From my children's perspective: Ashley and the rest of the staff are fun to be with, provide wonderful activities and outings to engage the children with a good balance of educational, exercise, and arts and crafts, and are patient and loving with the children. Really wonderful care. I feel so lucky to have found Ashley and am grateful for the service she provides.”

I have used the Treehouse club during school holidays for both of my children aged 6 and 8 years. This group is unique in that it has regular activities that expose children to different challenges and outdoor activities which as a parent you wish you had time to do! Both of my children have grown in confidence and thoroughly enjoy going to the Treehouse club, they love exploring Norsey woods and doing different craft activities, blackberry picking, building dens, making pictures from various things found in the woods and of course trips out on the quirky bikes. The staff are very friendly and down to earth, they seem to cater towards each child’s needs. The food is good and there are no computer games hurrah! and time is spent doing reading and helping the child with their development. This is a different type of club which has enhanced both of my children in their development. Having used child minders and clubs in the past this far surpasses any of these. If you are considering child care this comes highly recommended.

“I spent a long time trying to find an after school facility for my daughter. I found that a lot were either on school grounds, which I thought didn’t give her a break from school, and the others within a converted conservatory, which was not my idea of suitable care. I then found the Treehouse Club and I loved the activities they did and how kind the staff were. I am very glad I chose them and would recommend them to anyone.”

“We have used other day care services in the past but we can sincerely say that Ashley and the Treehouse Club have exceeded our expectations. Our daughter attends both on a part time and full time basis, depending on how busy our schedule is, and they kindle accommodate us, even at short notice. We cannot explain in words just how happy we are with the service that the Treehouse Club provides for us and of course our daughter. She loves being there and has so much fun. Every evening when we pick her up she has a smile on her face from ear to ear. The only problem that I can see is when our daughter gets too old to go!”

Both my daughter & son attend Treehouse and they love the outdoor based activities. Staff are very friendly and attentive with the children. They are very supportive and flexible to working parents! Highly recommend Treehouse Club.

C. Ramsden

Treehouse club has been fantastic for my son Oliver, over his 12 months at the pre-school he has really grown in confidence and character and he really has developed a love of the great outdoors, it has been a wonderful transformation. He is so happy to come to Treehouse every day and always having a great time whenever we collect him that we have great peace of mind that he is really enjoying himself. Thank you to all Treehouse for creating such a safe, fun and happy environment in a truly magical setting for 4 year olds!


I would just like to write to let you know how happy I am that my daughter is lucky enough to come to your pre-school, she is the youngest of three and by far this has been the happiest transition. I love how flexible you are, this is perfect for a manic mum such as myself as my organisation is terrible. Summer runs out after every session and the first words she say’s is “Mummy I had fun” This is amazing as she settled so quickly, I think this also helped that you were happy for me to stay with her until she was comfortable and you re assured me by letting me know I could call you as many times as I liked and stay as long as I liked to know that my baby was ok. The fact they get so much fresh air, and free imaginative play is totally unique in my experience and I genuinely thing it is a privilege for any child to have a place in your pre school where you utilize your wonderful location in the beautiful Norsey woods.

Thank you so much for making it easy for me to relax while you take care of my little angel x


We are very happy with the environment and care provided by Treehouse club for our son Robbie. The enthusiasm and kindness of the staff means that we are completely relaxed about him spending time there. The variety of activities on offer means the children don’t get bored. Also the flexibility you offer when needs arise at short notice is an absolute Godsend for working parents!

Thank you so much!


We are so happy that William can go to Treehouse. I can be sure that he was outside to get some fresh air and that he could explore the forest. That's what I love so much. And his muddy wellies are the proof of it!!


Where to begin with expressing my appreciation about the Treehouse Club? In short, I feel my daughter Amelie is one of the luckiest children in the world to be given such a wonderful opportunity to attend this preschool – a place of play, learning and exploration in a wood; where the kids get to have fun, and learn, outside for the most part of the day. Not just half an hour, but the most part. This is a very unique place. There are numerous advantages to allowing (not all; but most) children to be outside – one being the development of a healthy and happy body and mind.

Amelie has been attending for just a few months, and she is thriving: she loves the place, sometimes it's hard to get her to leave. The staff appear to be a connected team of positive, intelligent, sensitive people who have reassuringly tuned into the needs (and nature) of my daughter. Seeing her completely forget about her concerns of 'getting dirty' as she embraces me completely covered in mud with a beaming smile, is heart-warming stuff. But don't worry, they are not always covered in mud! And they are well-kitted out for this.

I love the variety of things that they do: exploring the 'garden' attached to the preschool building, with it's pond, wheelbarrows, hammock, gardening tools, and little hill for sliding down on mud trays… as well as the walks and exploration of Norsey Woods. My daughter is a slow walker, but there is no pressure for her to 'keep up' and there are enough staff to supervise the children allowing them to go at their own pace. I'm still taken aback by the Pirate Ship that the kids made themselves out of tree branches. The inside of the centre is equally charming – with its beautiful wooden tree-house for the children to roam around in, and light-filled room. There are many other activities that take place inside the preschool. Amelie, who has a speech delay, has come on leaps and bounds in the last few months in terms of her communication.

We will be leaving Billericay in a few weeks, and although Amelie's stay at the nursery has been relatively short (3 months), the bottom line is that even this short stay has been an absolute gift to her. And I'm so grateful.

One small point – don't forget to wear wellies when you pick up and drop the kids off as sometimes there are a few puddles. In winter only of course. However, this is a very small price to pay for your children to be living their preschool years in a beautiful, protected, wooded setting.

Zoe L

My son has just completed his first week at The Treehouse Club and I am so pleased with how happy and contented he has been there.  The baby room is perfectly designed for little ones, with a beautiful range of toys and daily activities including long walks which are a great way to get them to nap and fresh air in their lungs!


Baby Room Parent – Billericay

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