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Before & After School Club

Before & After School Club Sessions:

Before School After School
7:00am until 9:00am 3:00pm until 7:00pm
(Including taking the children to school) (Including collecting the children from school)


Our before and after school club is unique to any other setting.

The before school club commences with breakfast, this is a fantastic social time where the children can socialise with their friends or join in with one of the morning activities. Our children are incredibly close and they make lasting bonds and relationships with the other children.

  • Before & After School Club Meal Times
  • Breakfast from 7.00am until 8.30pm

    Dinner – first group 4.45pm  – second group 5.00pm

Some of our after school club activities include:

Den Building

Experience beautiful woodlands

We have 165 acres of woodland for the children to explore and play in. We regularly take nature walks through the woods and whilst out we can look for things to discuss and review in our ‘discovery area’.

We also like the children to help maintain the woods and the wildlife and so we help build dens for the animals.

Pond dipping in the garden pond

The pond is specifically maintained by the Council to ensure that a wide range of different wildlife use the pond. With specialist equipment, we regularly use the pond to dip for creatures, plants and anything else that we may find to learn about. The children love being able to explore the pond in a way that usually they would only be able to experience on a school trip.

Picnics & Relaxation

When the weather is nice we like to encourage the children to be outside and enjoy the woodland and gardens. We have a special reading area where the children sit on tree stumps and can listen to story time or read individually. We like to have regular picnics and either have these out in the woodlands, in the garden or in one of the main picnic areas.

Bug Hunt

Uncovering wildlife

The children love to explore and understand nature, and where better than in a woodland full of wildlife. We have animal fact sheets for the children to learn about the animals and by making our bug hunts a challenge, the children are eagerly learning what each bug looks like, where they like to live and what they like to eat so that they can work out where to find them. We inspect the wildlife under magnifying glasses and ensure that we do not impact on their habitats whilst we are learning.

Team Games

Sports & Team Building

The children love to play games and we like to get everyone out together playing games as much as possible. The woods make an excellent location for games such as rounders, football and tag.

Den Building

Arts & Forestry Crafts

All of our children love to create things, draw and paint. We like to collect things from the woods that the children can then use for their arts and crafts time. We also have wood crafting tools so that the children can collecting wood to craft in to different things.


How children view the world is a very important learning tool for them and we encourage the children to take pictures of things that interest them with the Treehouse camera. This allows the children to gain an understanding of space, dimensions, lighting and they can picture the world how they see it.

Each child is very different and by enabling them their own autonomy to take pictures of what interests them, we can focus their educational development in ways that suit their interests.

Den Building

Forest skills

The children have great opportunities to learn forest skills where they can climb trees, make dens and shelters and build their own rope swings to play on. We also support the children to build homes for the animals.

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