Sensory play ideas for preschoolers

Fun activity ideas: Squidgy, slimy, sensory play activities

Fact: little ones love squishing things, poking things, jingling things and prodding things, so once we’ve finished making this DIY playdough recipe, we’re turning our minds to keeping busy with these other sensory play ideas..

Glitter slime

We’re loving this glitter slime recipe by Somewhat Simple: it has just three ingredients and produces oodles of gorgeously glittery slime.

Cloud dough

Not only is cloud dough easy to make and dough-tally awesome to play with, it’s also toxin-free, safe and edible too! Phew! Try these instructions by Powerful Mothering for the fluffiest dough around.

Bubble bin

Whisking up bubbles is a classic sensory play activity, and this one needs hardly any prep. All you need is a washing up bowl, a whisk, some soap (the stuff that isn’t going to sting eyes!) and a dash of food colouring. Pop over to No Time For Flash Cards to check out instructions.

Rainbow rice

Whether you chuck it into a bucket, into bags or into a bottle, there’s plenty of sensory play adventure to be had when it comes to rainbow rice. Follow this tutorial by Busy Toddler for the full, rice-y lowdown.

Spaghetti worms

The early bird catches the spaghetti worm… well at least it does with this cool sensory play idea. Learning4Kids has some great activity suggestions as well as instructions on how to make your own pasta worms.

Frozen dinosaur eggs

We love this roarsome activity by The Imagination Tree! Science and sensory play all rolled into one!

Day at the beach

Many of us might have had our beach plans cancelled this summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the beach to our homes or nurseries with this sensory beach set-up by Fantastic Fun & Learning.

And don’t forget, if your little one is a big fan of sensory play but you’re not quite as big a fan of the mess it can create, we here at The Treehouse Club pride ourselves on filling our tot’s days with learning through play adventures that generally come with a side order of icky, sticky fingers! Get in touch today to find out more about our nursery, pre-school or before & after school clubs so that you can kickstart your child’s hands-on early years education today.

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